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Carbon Forest and Wood Club

Promoting the French forest and wood-products sector’s role in the fight against climate change

Today, carbon has a value, thanks to the emergence of various national and international markets that were set up in the wake of the Kyoto Protocol. However, the forest & wood products sector has been only marginally affected by these incentives, mainly through the use of wood as energy.

The aim of Club Carbone Forêt Bois, which was created in 2010, is to put in place the practical conditions required to enable the entire forest & wood products sector to benefit from new revenue sources created by using the carbon markets.
Carbon Forest and Wood Club aims to unite France’s research endeavours, in three stages:

  • Analysing existing mechanisms for deriving value from forest carbon (Kyoto Protocol project mechanisms, voluntary projects and the Australian and New Zealand systems);
  • Pooling feedback from France and abroad;
  • Developing economic tools to derive value from carbon where there is a lack of such tools.

Club Carbone Forêt Bois is a not-for-profit Club. Research carried out by the club and presented at meetings is pooled and partly funded by the annual subscriptions paid by club members.

1. A network of academic and professional experts

The research provided by Club Carbone Forêt Bois is enriched by contributions from a wide range of experts, including those working with its founders:

2. Club Carbone Forêt Bois’ services

Carbon Forest and Wood Club is structured around two one-day meetings every year. These meetings are based on the presentation of a summary report including:

  • A summary of the latest published scientific research on carbon sequestration in the forest & wood products sector;
  • Key forest sector statistics;
  • Feedback on how to derive value from carbon in forest & wood-products projects;
  • A presentation of the institutional framework;
  • A half-yearly focus based on a current theme.

3. Club Carbone Forêt Bois 2015 programme

Club Carbone Forêt-Bois’ launch meeting was held on June 30th 2010. This meeting provided an opportunity to review the current situation in respect of deriving value from carbon in the forest & wood products industry, and to approve the 2010-2011 work programme.

Since its creation, nine meetings reserved to Club’s members have taken place. They have given an overview of the current forest carbon sector and led to discussions on several topics:

Programme 26th November 2010 (french)
Programme 17th May 2010 (french)
Programme 22th Novembre 2011 (french)
Programme 21st June 2012 (french)
Programme 11th December 2012 (french)
Programme 21st June 2013 (french)
Programme 4th December 2013 (french)
Programme 24th June 2014 (french)
Programme 19th November 2014 (french)

June 2015, Carbon offsetting or sponsorship? What possible strategies for companies and what consequences for projects developers?

November 2015, Mitigation and adaptation in the forest-based sector : what interactions between those two approaches at the local scale? Win-Win or Win-Lose? How to promote synergies ?

4. Club Carbone Forêt Bois’ members

Club Carbone Forêt Bois brings together players involved in the forest & wood products sector in France, who wish to make an active contribution to deriving value from carbon within the sector: local authorities, public organisations, private companies and associations.