October 1 2014

CDC Climat welcomes the publication of the report « Better growth better climate »

Chaired by Felipe Calderon, former President of Mexico and Nicholas Stern, it concludes that it is possible to tackle climate change while promoting economic growth and development.

September 23 2014

"60 solutions against climate change"

CDC Climat contributes to the book published by Goodplanet Fondation for the Climate Summit.


October 20 2014

Feedback from the New York Climate Summit: a CO2 price is necessary, but not sufficient

A year before the Paris 2015 Climate Conference, where a new international climate agreement will be negotiated, consensus is emerging among economic decisionmakers about the carbon (...)

September 22 2014

SUMO policies: smart monetary policies aimed at giving a boost to green investments

The financing of the transition towards a low-carbon economy is one of the key themes of the summit organised by Ban-Ki-Moon, which will take place in New York on 23 (...)