April 20 2015

Ian Cochran named co-reporter for the Presidential Commission on Innovative Climate Finance chaired by Pascal Canfin and Alain Grandjean

The President of the French Republic appointed Pascal Canfin and Alain Grandjean as co-chairs of an independent commission on February 25. The objective of the Canfin-Grandjean commission is to advise the government on how to advance the climate finance agenda

April 10 2015

New MRV publication: "Accounting for carbon"

« Accounting for Carbon » was published by Cambridge University Press on March 19th 2015. The book gathers expertise from CDC Climat research, CITEPA, Southpole and NPL.


April 15 2015

Response to the public consultation of the European Commission on the preparation of phase 4

CDC Climat Research contributes to the European debate on the revision of the of the European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) Directive and responds to the public consultation of the European (...)