March 20 2014

Benoît Leguet, head of research at CDC Climat, elected Chair of Joint Implementation - Accreditation Panel

JI is one of the project mechanisms created by the Kyoto protocol. The panel provides recommendations on auditors of projects accreditation by the UN.

February 14 2014

Involving the banking and financial industry in promoting the transition to a low-carbon and environmentally-friendly economy: five avenues to explore

Caisse des Dépôts, led by CDC Climat, proposes avenues to explore in preparation for the 2014 Banking and Financial Conference.


March 17 2014

European Offset Projects: A tool to rally Poland towards the 2030 Energy Climate Package

The next European Council of head of states, which will take place 20 and 21 March, will have its first debate regarding the communication. “A policy framework for climate and energy in the period (...)

February 17 2014

The 2030 Energy and Climate targets: a (necessary?) compromise for the next milestone on the low-carbon path to 2050

The European Commission (EC) released its 2030 Energy and Climate Package on 22 January 2014. First observations reveal that this is a package markedly different from the 2020 package with (...)